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Opening about how exactly he stays inspired to produce some of the most desired shoes in the world, the designer said it's all about freedom.
"To work out of freedom it will be is important for me personally and it is extremely important for me," he explained. "If you are a free spirit there's no boundaries to making."
There's also no boundaries that his fans goes to simply to allow them to own a set of red bottoms. Asked about a woman in Dallas who had been jailed for stealing funds from her company to fund her shoe habit, Louboutin said he couldn't help but have a ??big smile' as he heard this story.
"It's so sweet to become so passionate to do something so crazy ... but I can't say no, I don't understand, because I do understand, I totally realize that passion perfectly."
As for criticism he's received for creating heels that reach lofty heights, and openly admitting his shoes aren't made for comfort, the designer says his ??work is perfect for women' and he knows and respects them enough to make their own choice.


On June 20, the Design Exchange hosted the hotly anticipated opening http://www.4acresvehicleservices.com/pumps.htm night gala for that Louboutin exhibit. Co-presented by Holt Renfrew, the North American premiere from the exhibit celebrated 20 years of design and artistry. The man himself, Christian Louboutin, gave opening remarks alongside Design Exchange President Shauna Levy along with a touching speech by Kimberly Grabel, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience of Holt Renfrew. The next day, Mr. Louboutin made a public experience in the luxury retailer?Bloor Street location where he was met having a rock concert-like level of fandom and proceeded to sign over 200 shoes and purses over 4 hours.
Let's start with Instagram: Through your account, you now have a new window in to the life of your shoes once they leave the store.
It's very funny to see how individuals are interacting with their shoes. For ladies, also,Christian Louboutin? uk are an accessory shoes end up part of themselves and [of] their body language. But additionally, there's the object that's detached from the person; it's almost playing the role of the pet or something. Individuals are posing with their shoes like friends.
I've also seen pictures of people posing with a shoe as though it's a phone.

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Yeah, by doing so, it's just like a signal. I believe it is because of Instagram that individuals are also calling these shoes their .There's now a vocabulary. Whenever you purchase a shoe, you appropriate it. I believe the extension from the lifetime of a design is when people really love the design enough to really make it theirs. And then it doesn't need to be mine anymore. I simply like to follow it through its second life. A shoe isn't reincarnated until it belongs to someone else.
On the flip side, how does it feel to visit your shoes inside a museum?
It's just like a big family reunion; I [can] begin to see the elements all together and find out the common DNA between everything and how they are available from the same family, exactly the same blood. Obviously, the correct answer is moving since you recognize all of it. It becomes a mixture between nostalgia and evolution.
I have been noticing more and more of your shoes on the runways, particularly at London Fashion Week. Why do you decide to use designers who're often less known, for example Canadians Todd Lynn and Mark Fast?

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With ready-to-wear, young designers often have talents, but some [runway choices] could be killers, like bad accessories or bad makeup. They can really overshadow the caliber of [their] work. So I think ... it's normal to wish to assist them to and give back. I had been helped when I first started my company. It is extremely encouraging to possess people enable them to and it's expensive [for them] to complete shoes. But also, a woman having a nice outfit and bad shoes looks much cheaper than the usual woman in an exceedingly simple outfit and great shoes. So definitely, it is a method to lift a collection.
Your company is independently owned. What has been the upside to that?
A lot of my enthusiasm comes from the truth that I'm free. When you're designing, your spirit runs though the design. And if you're a free spirit, it's diverse from being a 9-to-5 spirit. In my experience, it certainly is been vital that you remain independent. It's not so easy nowadays with multinationals, advertisers, etc. But I just think it's worthwhile. I didn't regret it for the first 20 years and that i don't be sorry today.